Roger DiRuscio


Auto Repair Shop

37555 Dusterberry Way

Fremont CA, 94536


Offered at $245,000

Fremont Wheel & Brake

This busy auto repair shop grossed $369,000 in 2016. Shop has been thoroughly maintained and is very clean. Client lists, accounts and agreement not to compete are included.

Equipment and Amenities:

  • 2x 9,000 lb. lifts

  • 1x 12,000 lb. lift.

  • One ground-based lift

  • Alignment rack

  • Brake lathe (on car)

  • Hydraulic press

  • Waiting room for clients

  • Alarm system included

  • Restroom

  • Gas heaters in the shop area

  • Storage upstairs in the loft

  • Complete automotive computer system