Self Defense for Silicon Valley Agents at Open Homes?

Among the skills the modern real estate professional needs to have are contract knowledge, tech skills, solid negotiating tactics, and now... self defense? According to Karen Trolan in a recent safety seminar for the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, yes. (Click here to read the full Mercury News reporting.)

But is self defense for agents as out there as it sounds? Perhaps not. Many in the business have experienced or heard about concerning and sometimes just plain odd situations that occasionally arise at open houses, although virtually none of them end in physical confrontation. However, safety is all about prevention: having the confidence to know you could respond decisively in a difficult situation, and the training to not act like a victim.

As Trolan says, “Real estate professionals are targets because they carry a phone, purse, or wallet, and are often alone. All Realtors should learn at least basic safety and self-defense techniques.”

As for the strangest thing that ever happened to Roger at an open house? He got shot by a BB gun while setting up open house signs! While the perpetrator was never caught, Roger continues to hope that if you buy your kids BB guns, you encourage them not to shoot realtors.

Roger DiRusco